Community Improv Night (Pay What You Want!)

No Upcoming Shows • Pay What You Want

A rag-tag group of local improvisers gathering under one roof to perform comedy from the tops of their domes, fueled by suggestions from the audience.

IF YOU DON'T FEEL COMFORTABLE INPUTTING YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO, you can just pre-register by emailing us at: [email protected], with the amount of tickets you'd like to reserve and your name, and we will set you up! We totally understand. :) 
Location: Coeur D'Alene Public Library (702 E Front Ave, Coeur d'Alene, ID), in the downstairs Community Room!
Suggested Age: 13+ //  Admission: Pay What You Want! (This means FREE if you want it to!)*

*Reservations are required for this event. If you end up not being able to make it, please give your ticket so someone else, or email us at [email protected] to cancel your order. Thank you!

Levity Theatre exists to serve the community of Coeur D'Alene by being a comedy club that offers high-quality improv comedy that is hilarious, light, original, and for all ages. Our mission is to bring people together through laughter, and to excite and educate individuals about the art form of improv comedy. 
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